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El Rey del Mundo Royal Series - LCDH

El Rey del Mundo Royal Series - LCDH

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Discover the El Rey del Mundo Royal Series LCDH, an exceptional cigar line celebrated for its rich, complex flavors and smooth, medium-bodied profile. Exclusively available at La Casa del Habano, these cigars offer a luxurious smoking experience, perfect for discerning aficionados.


Overview of El Rey del Mundo Royal Series - LCDH

Brand and Series:

  • Brand: El Rey del Mundo
  • Series: Royal Series (LCDH - La Casa del Habano)


  • Country: Cuba
  • Factory: Not specified


  • Vitola: Duke
  • Size: 5 1/2 inches in length with a 54 ring gauge
  • Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuban

Flavor Profile:

  • Strength: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Smooth and elegant with notes of wood, cream, and subtle spice. Offers a well-balanced and aromatic smoking experience.


  • Presentation: Comes in a refined box exclusive to LCDH, highlighting its premium quality and exclusivity.

Release Information:

  • Year: Not specified

Additional Insights:

  • Aging Potential: These cigars benefit from aging, enhancing their complexity and depth of flavor.
  • Collector's Item: Limited production and LCDH exclusivity make it a sought-after addition for collectors.
  • Smoking Experience: Ideal for special occasions, providing a luxurious and enjoyable smoking experience. Perfect as a prestigious gift for discerning cigar enthusiasts.
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