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Davidoff's The Year Of Collector's Edition

Davidoff's The Year Of Collector's Edition

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The Collection

Davidoff’s The Year of Collector’s Edition commemorates the brand’s first full zodiac cycle through its annual limited editions. This exclusive collection, limited to only 100 pieces, features 96 premium handmade cigars. Each of the 8 cigars pays tribute to a different limited edition, ranging from the Year of the Snake in 2013 to the Year of the Dragon in 2024. Each cigar is uniquely crafted to embody the blend, format, and taste experience of its respective zodiac sign.


The Cabinet

The collection is elegantly showcased in a striking cabinet featuring 12 wooden trays encased in a captivating red exterior. The square shape of the trays draws inspiration from Chinese ceremonial rituals, such as the tea ceremony. Each tray can be individually removed and placed in a humidor, but the unique appearance of the 12 stacked trays is a standout feature, reminiscent of a pagoda—a classic element in Asian architecture.

Dimensions: 278 x 268 x 475 mm (10 15/16 x 10 9/16 x 18 11/16 in)


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